Moorhaven Care Home Ltd.

About Us

About Us

comprehensive services provided by nursing homes focusing on tailored dementia care and support for adults over 65 are integral in addressing the unique challenges posed by dementia-related issues. In a nurturing environment that prioritizes individual needs, safety, engagement, and family collaboration, these services aim to enhance the overall quality of life for residents and provide much-needed support to their families. As the aging population continues to expand, the significance of such services cannot be overstated in ensuring the dignity and well-being of those navigating the complex journey of dementia.


Enhance the lives of older adults by providing tailored dementia care and fostering a nurturing environment that promotes dignity, well-being, and a sense of belonging.


To be a leading beacon of compassionate support, redefining aging with personalized care, enriching experiences, and a commitment to uplifting the human spirit in every stage of life.

What They Say

“Moor Haven has been a lifeline for our family. The care and support they provide for our loved one with dementia go beyond words. The staff's genuine compassion and expertise have truly made a difference in our journey. Our hearts are at ease knowing our family member is in such capable hands.”

The Johnson Family

“When we found Moor Haven, it was like discovering a hidden gem. The personalized attention they offer is unparalleled. Our parent not only receives exceptional care but also thrives in the engaging and nurturing environment. Moor Haven has given our family a sense of peace and a renewed sense of hope.”

The Rodriguez Family

“Moor Haven has transformed our perception of aging and dementia care. The facility's warm and inviting atmosphere immediately put our family at ease. The engaging activities, the personalized care plans, and the unwavering support from the staff have created a sense of belonging for our loved one.

The Patel Family